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Mary Lenzi

Future Races

  • The Great Cow Harbor

  • Narragansett Marathon

Past Races

  • Ironman Maine 70.3 2019 (6:33:30)

  • Long Island Marathon 2019 (4:19:55)

  • Boston Marathon 2019 (4:23:30)




Main Focus:  Run but do triathlon for fun.


Bucket list: To run 3:49 at Boston (Don’t know if  this can happen), do a 1/2 Ironman in 6 hours (maybe if I learn how to do it right)

Post race drink: Cold beer then bed

Pam Raudsepp talked me into triathlons and 1/2 IM in particular. I foolishly thought I could fake it through the swim and bike but realized not so much. Definitely need to respect the distance and the toll it takes on my body. I enjoy pushing myself as far as my body will let me go. Sometimes I am punished for it, but after awhile I think to myself “If I do this again I know I can do better. What did I learn from this?” Endurance sport is the ultimate physical, mental and spiritual rush.

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