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Ginger Lawrence

Future Races

  • tbd

Past Races

  • IMLP 2019

  • IM Virginia 70.3 2019

  • Suffolk county half marathon 2010 1:49

  • LI marathon 2010 4:03

  • Diva Half Marathon 2010 1:45

  • Yielding Shamrock marathon 2011 3:53

  • LI half marathon 2011 1:43

  • IRONMAN Muncie 70.3 2011 6:33

  • IRONMAN 140.6 Lake Placid 2012 14:12

  • IRONMAN 140.6 Lake Placid 2013 15:57

  • Quassy 70.3 2013 7:31

  • IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid 2017 7:56

  • IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid 2018 7:28




Main Focus:  Triathlon


Main focus: Having an amazing time while helping my friends and daughter reach their goals. 


Bucket list: Ultra-marathon(not sure which one yet), Boston marathon, hike Machu Picchu and ultimately IRONMAN Kona after completing enough races or just being so old that I’m the only one in my age group that qualifies!!!

 Post race drink: I’m a minimalist. So  its not something that is ever planned but I have craved a cherry coke ( I don’t usually drink soda ever) or a chocolate shake. 

Off day activity: Saving lives as Cardiology Nurse Practitioner or hanging out with my family 


 This all started with me getting back into running with my neighbors Lance and Michelle. I told my husband it’s a cheap sport and all I need is a pair of sneakers, which then turned into a bike, watch, bike computer, race fees, training camp etc.  Well we all know that was a big fat lie. I started out running 5k which quickly turned into marathons. Then my neighbors said hey let’s train for a Tri.  After doing Tobay Tri 2x that quickly became a half IRONMAN then an IRONMAN.     

   Anyone who knows me knows that I love to run and longer the better. 

  The reason I tri is to inspire my children and prove to them that anything is possible as long as you put the hard work in.  Push yourselves to the limit because you can!! This year I am training with 2 of my best friends and my daughter as they conquer Lake Placid 140.6 for the first time.  My goal is to get them all to the finish line no matter what. 

    Triathlon has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people. I am grateful to have the ability to train with such awesome people.  They are family.  ~Ohana the true meaning of family 

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