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Eugene Davoli

Upcoming Races

  • IM 70.3 Blue Ridge

  • IMLP 2021

Past Races

  • Maine 70.3 2019

  • IM 70.3 Eagleman 2019

  • IM 70.3 Indian Wells 2018

  • Tobay Sprint Triathlon 2018 (Fastest swim AG)

  • Jamesport Sprint Triathlon 2018

  • St Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon (top 10 fundraiser for Team In Training/LLS)

Main Focus:  Triathlon

Bucket List:   Ironman Boulder

Post Race Drink:  Beer

Off day activity:  Going to a sporting event, concert or good restaurant

Life is full of surprises and the darkest clouds can lead to beautiful, sunny skies.  This is how I would describe my journey.  I was able to weather the storm twice (cancer including stem cell transplant).  I started to take spin class and before you knew it, bought a road bike.  Soon enough, I started swimming.  Finally, despite despising it, I started to run.   I did my first triathlon in August 2017.  Then, I figured I would celebrate my 5 year cancer free anniversary and pay it back by raising funds for LLS and racing in the St Anthony’s triathlon.  I then bought a tri bike and have signed up for a Half Ironman, not only because I believe how the training greatly prepares you for success, but the Ohana crew is simply an amazing group of positive, supportive people who make training and race day a remarkable experience.  I always thought triathletes were nuts especially when they talked about how great they feel after training and racing.  Having experienced that myself, I can honestly say it does feel amazing.   You will not only be amazed at what you can accomplish, but you will have fun doing it. 

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