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Coach Andrea Kay

Future Races

  • IMMT 2021

  • IM 70.3 Blue Ridge

  • IM 70.3 Muscleman

Past Races

  • IMLP 2019

  • IM Maine 70.3 2019

  • Eagleman 70.3 2019

  • IM Williamsburg 70.3 2019

  • 2018 Runners Edge Tobay Triathlon (3rd AG)

  • 2018 Long Beach Ocean Mile Swim (3rd AG)

  • 2018 Point Lookout Ocean Mile Swim (1st AG)

  • 2018 Smithspoint Triathlon (2nd AG)

  • 2018 Jamesport Triathlon (2nd AG)

  • 2018 Power of a Woman Triathlon 

Main Focus:  Coaching athletes to reach their goals

Bucket List:   Challenge Roth

Post Race Drink:  French Fries

Off day activity: Training Peaks

Those that know me best, and even those that just know me on the facebook, know that I simply love swimming, biking and running. Put all three of those together and throw a chip on my ankle… now that’s a party.  


But as much as I love training and racing the sport of triathlon, my true joy comes from helping people reach their triathlon dreams.  The faith someone puts in me to guide them toward their goals motivates me to give 110% every day.  There is truly nothing else I would rather be doing.  

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