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Peggy Delaney

Future Races

  • IMMD 2019

Past Races

  • Escape the Cape 2017

  • ​IMAC 70.3 2016​

  • IMLP 70.3 2017

  • Quassy 70.3 2018

Main Focus:  Triathlon

I ran a little before kids. Years later when they were older, I dabbled in 5k’s, 10’s then half marathons.

My first marathon was in 2003 (Marine Corps) and it kicked off a streak of running marathons and collecting states.

I have now run (year 2018) 35 marathons in 27 states, and one in Quebec, Canada. I even ran the Boston Marathon, in which I had won a charity raffle at a New York Road Runners Event. The day of the marathon just happened to also coincide with a weather Nor’easter. But I finished and was exuberant at the finish line!

I then began during sprint triathlons as a family relay team: my daughter swam, husband biked and I ran.

Over the last three years, I graduated to doing all segments in sprint and Olympic distance Tri’s. I even bought a Tri bike, but didn’t ride it outdoors for almost a year as the clips and aero bars scared me! LOVE my Tri bike now and the clips and aero bars are just part of riding.

In 2016, I completed my first half Ironman and have sights set on completing an Ironman 140.3. I Love the sport! It’s a personal challenge of fitness, focus and lot of fun.

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