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Why a Blog? Are they even a thing? Do people still do 'that'?

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Yes, blogs are still a 'thing' and you're here so you're now an official bloggy (I'm pretty sure that isn't a thing). But why a blog and why now? Details ahead.

As the Ohana website was coming together, I noticed a blog link in the wix editor. I clicked on it and it was and blank screen. When I saw my reflection in the monitor, I felt the overwhelming presence of my dad with me. I knew in that moment I would be writing one.

Before my dad's health deteriorated to a point where he was no longer able, he would send out (to family and friends) beautifully written emails about every day life. Everything from the season's changing, gardening, to a trip to Costco. Sometimes (mostly always) they included pictures of food and sometimes they even included pictures of us (my brother, sister and me) as little kids. It didn't matter the topic, they were such lovely snapshots of the world through his eyes and they were always such a treat to read. He saw beauty in everything and truly appreciated all the little details life had to offer. As much as we all loved reading his emails, I imagine he loved writing them even more. I miss him every minute of every day and when I'm missing him most, I read back on his emails. This blog is my way of keeping this one thing he loved to do alive.

But why on the Ohana page? Well, mostly because it's here... and I will fill it with lots of our Ohana triathlon training adventures. In true Lolo fashion, I'm sure there will be a post here and there about the changing of the seasons and trips to Costco.

There is beauty in every moment

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